EMC in the heart of the Silicon Valley needed a scaleable and robust app that worked on both phones and tablets. They came with a huge stack of papers representing the depth of multi tiered content they needed implemented into a simple user experience that was not overwhelming and easy to use. 

The team at EMC was amazing to work with. We worked closely together for several months to fine tune the user flow through detailed wire frames and even functioning prototypes to help everyone understand the vision we were proposing.

The result was a very robust app with a deep integrated back end which allowed users to answer a series of question via an accordion style drop down selector with a real time filter. Within a matter of moments a list of hundreds of service providers could be filtered down to the top few providers that met the users specific needs. Once the Service Provider was selected, the user could get detailed information and specifics of the selected provider and easily connect with a sales rep to help them with their needs.

The app was a huge success with EMC.


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